"happiness Machine" - a viral advertising campaign in Digital + BTL



To come up with an idea for a viral video and organize New Year's BTL-share



A key task for BTL has become a mandatory part of two people, in the format "me and my friend".


About the project must "speak" without further advertising and promotion

BTL + Digital

Engaging both offline, and existing Internet brand channels


Mandatory use of brand identity: Vending machines


During provdeniya BTL-campaign to distribute 10000 One unit of Coca-Cola products



We have developed a vending machine, which gave prizes to all, who jumped, paired with, a special button.



To become a viral campaign, we invited Shukhrat - musical team member All Come. Which the "as if", taking part in a game with "Automatically Schaste", I fell in love with a random girl, and forgot to take her phone number. And then I decided to find her through social networks, calling for the help of all its subscribers, which course, we had to watch our videos and share them. In this way, we got a huge viral coverage.

What did

We studied the most interesting world cases, associated with the product and the holiday

We find a team of engineers, able to make the technical solution

Come up with a viral component to promote videos

Resolution agreed with the administration of the venue

BTL-organized campaign with the distribution of prizes

Make Viral promotion campaign

How it was done


Мы построили “;Автомат Счастья”; - seemingly ordinary machine with drinks.


But in contrast to the simple machines, he did not take money, and handing out drinks to all comers! To get a bottle of Coke or other gifts, it was necessary to jump on a special mechanism to automatically together with other.


We mounted the machine in a special promotional area in the shopping center Mega. Promoters invite all visitors to win prizes from Coca-Cola: the beverage bottle, souvenirs and even hot kazi!

The project team


Determines creative direction in accordance with the brand's request


Constitute a complete script

Project manager

Conducts full communication between the client and the project team

Photographers / videographers

Photo and video support activities


Post-processing of footage

Event Manager

Oversees all offline activities and related counterparties.

As a result,

7000 +
Participants and handed out thousands of bottles of napitkorm
100000 +
video views on YouTube
10 +
Fortress in social networks
0 +
Free publications and media