Digital PR

We promote products and services through information stuffing

our approach

Create informational pressure around the brand. raise interest, awareness and trust in the network product.


Determine the target audience, We divide it into segments and draw up a portrait of the socio-demographic characteristics.


We find attractive information events to create publications, articles or news.

info stuffing

Organize sowing the information we need in the digital media, pages in social media and opinion leaders.

stages of work


We collect information on which we seek infopovody

Development ideas

Come up with topics to write intriguing and exciting publications

channel selection

We select the best channels for communication with maximum efficiency

sowing information

Organize and supervise the publication infopovodov in digital media


Analyze audience, competitors, Companies and Products. We collect information, which we will share with users.

The target audience

Analyze the CA on the socio-demographic characteristics: floor, age, place of residence, family status, activity, income.

Brand and product

We collect information, which we will share with the audience. We calculate the basic problems and the benefits of the product or service.


Determine, which channels are used competitors, what content is published and how often.


We are looking for an excuse for writing publications there, where it is not obvious and not on the surface. otherwise talk, "make of flies - elephant".

Awards and prizes

Fanned out any minimum contribution or award is a great achievement of mankind.

Training and advice

Helping customers solve their life problems with the help of no obvious product benefits.

Trends and ratings

create review, rankings and comparative reports, integrating the information they need us.

Failures and feil

We cling to low-lying psychological feelings of a person, to attract attention outside the box.

unique news

We find and reveal the unique properties of the product, not previously seen or noticed one.

Scandals and intrigues

Sharpen the attention of the consumer, approaches using black PR or tabloids

native content

able, love and practice disguised advertising PR-publications, in a natural site for the format. reviews, reviews and experiences of customers provide an order of magnitude greater effect, than direct advertising.

channel selection

We select the best ways "reach out" the target audience. We accompany the process of publishing materials from the site selection before the actual placement.

Community in social media

PUBLIC, groups and communities in social networks, where there is a target audience.

Opinion leaders

Popular bloggers and celebrities with its own army of subscribers

Thematic area

Highly visited websites of interest to the target audience

Forums and blogs

Platform for the dissemination and discussion of thoughts and ideas

news portals

The Web site contains important and popular news

E-mail distribution

Newsletters for subscribers base

Media plan and KPI

The final stage. On the basis of all information received compose mediaplan. It includes a KPI, budgets and time planning.

Content Plan

Content plan - a calendar of publications with headings and themes for each channel.

Statement of KPI

We put the measurable objectives, which we want to achieve with the content marketing.


We expect profitability promotion channels.


We are using the most popular and modern technology, frameworks and programming languages.

channels of communication

An agreed set of digital media, ready-to-publish content

Media and content plan

Cost estimates and schedule publications


Recommendations for creating content for authors. Rules of communication with the audience and processing negativity.



Organizes the work of professionals. Defines a portrait of the target audience, related to the product, obstacles on the path to purchase.


Collects and analyzes all the results of research professionals, It finds and formulates competitive advantage, develops positioning, verbal Identity and branding strategy.


It is conducting a study of sites and audiences of opinion leaders, to form the most effective pool of posting content channels.

Content marketing

It analyzes the current channel content marketing company and competitors. Is a media plan and content plan with headings and themes.


writing articles, finds infopovody, is responsible for the content strategy of PR-campaign.


Developing a support PR-campaign visuals.

cost of

from 190 000 n.

other services

Complex promotion

Launching and conducting advertising campaigns in the Digital, using all possible channels of communication.

Digital Strategy

Developing marketing strategies to sell Digital, analyzing business objectives and target audience.

Content marketing

We attract the attention of potential consumers to the brand by creating interesting and unobtrusive content.