Mobile applications

We create trouble-free mobile solutions for iOS and Android

our approach

Impressing iOS and Android users, design and technological solution, mobile applications developed by us

Convenient design

We create mobile applications, which are pleasant and easy to use. We bring to the ideal UX / UI Design.


We write clean and high-quality program code, in native programming language. Our applications work stably.


We pay great attention to the safety and security of personal data of users of the mobile application.


We define the tasks of the product, needs of the audience, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

The target audience

Defining the audience. We study its functional needs, interests and habits.


Exploring the concept of a mobile application, USP and main functional features.


Analyzing similar mobile solutions. look, what cannot be dispensed with and what can be done better.



We are working on easy navigation, structure and types of information presentation screen.


We develop visual interactive prototypes, that lay the foundation for "friendly" user interface.


We pick up a stack of technologies and are working on the project architecture, given the potential load, and further scaling.


We develop mobile applications with an intuitive interface.


Putting images, We develop the concept design, show ideas for animations.


Draw the user's attention to important details and make the interaction with the site user-friendly and intuitive.


To make an impression on any device, We are working on versions for multiple screen sizes.



We program the Fron-end and Back-end components of the mobile application. Connecting payment, notification, etc..


One of the most important stages of development. We use manual and automated testing, to identify errors and shortcomings in the work of the project.

Setting and debugging

Prepare for the launch of the project, customizable interaction of functional modules and finalizing identified during testing flaws.


To create a quality product, depending on the project, we use and combine different development methodologies.


We use for large and long-term projects


Apply a small one-off projects


We combine methodologies for most projects


Writing applications, only in native programming languages.


Programming language, created by Apple to develop mobile applications for iOS


Programming language, used by Apple to develop mobile software


The programming language in which almost all Android applications are written


Our developers live in different regions of the world and work with us remotely on a permanent basis. This allows us to have a staff of highly qualified professionals, with great experience and the level not lower Middle or Senior.

Technical Director

develops architecture, thinks structure, prioritizes and selects the technology stack.


Decrypts the client's wishes, transforming them into technical documentation, and a list of tasks for developers.

development Manager

Oversees the development, conducts communication between the team and the customer.


It is engaged in formulation of tasks the development team, monitors the implementation and testing process.

iOS developer

Programming a mobile application for iOS

Android developers

Programs a mobile application for Android OS


It represents the interests of the client in the project. the audience knows, It conveys an understanding of marketing goals the rest of the project team.


It sets targets for writing automated tests project, as well as conducting manual testing functionality.

UX / UI Designer

Works on the interaction of users with a mobile application, visualizes the creative idea in interface design.

cost of

from 1 490 000 n.

other services

UX / UI Design

Professionally engaged in the development of a convenient and intuitive user interface and selling sites.

Sites and services

We program and design WEB-solutions for any business purposes. From small website to complex automation systems.


We design logos, corporate identity and brand identity management using.