UX / UI Design

to create a harmonious, Easy user interface

our approach

We are doing so, to users of your site, program or application, was stress-free clear and a pleasure to use the finished product


Avoid ambiguity in the text layout and design of the structure


Focus users' attention on specifics without reloading


We use recognizable design elements, making the interface intuitive


This forces the interface to respond instantly to user actions


Elements of our interfaces behave the same way on any page


Our interfaces are attracting attention, do not irritate and does not distract users


We help users to save time, making them easier to let to the right place


Are working to detail the error messages and malfunctions within the project


Conduct a thorough research in all fields related to the use of the finished product


We investigate the behavior of the audience on similar projects, to identify the best ways for users to interact with the interface.


Analyze information and navigation needs of users, to give the user the best solution.


The details of the functional study. We are working on various options and the way users within the site, service or app.


Interaction (UX)

Creating a circuit structure interaction screens and each functional element.

content Map

Putting Content map, to create maximum awareness on the layout information of the project units.


Wireframe develop prototypes, that without unnecessary time-consuming to easily edit.



We are working on the design for different types of devices and screen resolutions, to design looked "yummy" everywhere.

UI Kit

We develop a full set of display of all elements of the interface in different states for frontend developers.


We think over the possibility to interface animations and transitions between screens.


In the end, you get a site interface, program or application with an intuitive and attractive design


We have developed easy to use interface. A search for information and navigation within the product brings pleasure.


Product design is not that just a convenient, but also aesthetically appealing, not overloading unnecessary frills.


You get thoughtful interface design, which can be realized from a technical point of view


Art Director

Develops the creative concept and design "chips"

UX Designer

Learning and is working with a user interaction interface

UI Designer

It creates an attractive site design interface or application


Analyzes the marketing component of the project design and makes its own changes

Project manager

It supervises the development process and maintain communication between the team and the customer

Technical Specialist

Ensures that, to the designer fantasies fit into the technical feasibility of developing

cost of

Site design

Lendingovye page, corporate and promotional sites.

from 495 000 n.


Mobile applications for different types of devices or games

from 890 000 n.

Service or the shop

system administration, déşbordı, online retailers or services

from 1 140 000 n.

other services


We design logos, corporate identity and brand identity management using.

Mobile applications

Create a working mobile applications of any complexity for operating systems iOS and Android.

Sites and services

We program and design WEB-solutions for any business purposes. From small website to complex automation systems.