Internet shop of footwear and accessories

Project development



Develop an image online directory of shoes and accessories, with the ability to purchase and order goods online




Potential buyers are ordinary people, who are used to buy goods in the offline stores.


So they began to buy online, We need to simplify the process of ordering goods, make it fast, understandable and user-friendly.

Inside the e-shop

Content Management System (CMS)

Site Management on the basis of the most popular and functional CMS 1C:Bitrix

Integration with buhgateriey

Synchronization account of the goods and orders from 1C:Now and 1C:accounting

notification system

We have developed a system of automatic SMS and E-mail Notification Notify360


Fully optimized for store promotion in search engines

Payment systems

The integration of PayPal payment and Cloud Payments systems for payment cards Visa and MasterCard

Design and functionality

Adaptive design

Interface that is equally easy to use on any type of device


Convenient and user friendly shopping cart with automatic registration and calculation of the cost of delivering the goods to the door

Search products

Умный контекстный поиск товаров “;на лету”; without reloading the page

Catalog and Card Product

Удобная фильтрация товаров в каталоге и карточка товара в формате “;ничего лишнего”;

Personal Area

The personal account has all, it is necessary to buyer: personal information, order history, and subscribe to a notification / distribution

Other store page

And yet ...