Mediynaya campaign




campaign, completing the cycle of corrupt TV OLED Bravia A1


creative idea

Show the picture quality through immersion in the image and the reality prallelnuyu.

channels of communication

Banners on TV

Advertising on YouTube

Mediynaya advertising

Online PR

What did

We decided on the CA products and find the most appropriate point of contact

We received from the client the necessary technical requirements, placed on visuals

Formed a clear timetable for action

We made the necessary changes to the graphical local advertising

How it was done

Banner on TV

Graphical pop-up banner was placed on the air 31 channel

Advertising on YouTube

Promotional video was posted on YouTube and included advertising on views


It launched a massive advertising campaign in search engines and banner Display Networks

Digital media

articles were published in the pages of the online news portals with high traffic

The project team


Editing video, in accordance with local trebobvaniyami


Selects advertising channels of communication in accordance with the CA brand

Project manager

Conducts full communication between the client and the project team


image editing in accordance with local requirements

media manager

Configures and manages advertisements targeted

As a result,

10000 +
Transmissions to the site from the content
1000 +
Estimated number of article views
1500000 +
Estimated coverage of TV advertising
22000 +
video views on YouTube