Reputational Marketing in Social Media




Toyota Fortuner - SUV assembled in Kazakhstan, around which it has developed a lot of myths and negative rumors.



Made in Kazakhstan

Negative and suspicious attitude of users to products from Kazakhstan, produced domestically.

Dealer or representative?

The lack of a common position between the brand representation and a variety of car dealers.


One possible solution was: dispelling myths and rumors by providing irrefutable evidence and maximum transparency


The goal of the campaign

Change consumers' perception of a car assembled in Kazakhstan


campaign objectives

Crisis management

Negative control in social networks and media resources of the country by combating unfounded rumors.


Creating a dialog channel between consumers and brand leadership, with which you can conduct reputational marketing

We have proposed as a community issue "Men's club" and publish content subjects, concomitant SUV: hunting, fishing, camping, extreme driving.


men, senior 35 years old. Family men. Educated, persistent, know how to receive information from all available sources


men, senior 30 years old. Are in autogroups, visit automotive websites



Pages in social media became the official channels of communication with consumers manufacturer


User comments are not censored (besides frankly meaningless). Treated even the most hurtful and negative


Creating a dialog channel between consumers and brand leadership, with which you can conduct reputational marketing

What did

We analyzed conducted a case study of international experience working with negative

We met with top leaders of Toyota Kazakhstan and define a common strategy

We identified the main headings and subject communities

Formed a clear timetable publication

Drew a guideline for the design of publications

Developed creative and communication strategy and

We made a list of offline activities to demonstrate the car

Identified targeting for paid advertising

We compiled a list of potential opinion leaders for cooperation

How it was done

Excursion to the factory

We organized a tour of the assembly plant manufacturer, where journalists were invited, bloggers and opinion leaders.

video vehicle assembly process has been removed following the event, wherein all demonstrated global quality standards.

extreme races

journalists, opinion leaders and the most active participants in the community to take part in regular ekstrmalnyh test drives.
Driving performance and reliability of Kazakhstan assembly tested in combat conditions

City test

We regularly monitored the brand community on the subject of The negative comments. Most Skeptical users are requested to make a ride in the car and talk about video impressions

Direct line with guidance

Each week, the plant management in a live responded to the most complex and tricky questions users.

The project team

The project team Toyota Fortuner Kazakhstan included the best representatives to work with social media, as well as - specialists in organizing large-scale events.

SMM Editor

It manages the entire process of development publications. He knows all about the brand and more.


Responsible for SMM-strategy, monitors trends in Digital and introduces them to life pages.

Project manager

Conducts full communication between a client and a project SMM-team


On the instructions of the editor, write relevant content for publications.

media manager

Configures and manages advertisements targeted

Community manager

Follow the comments, It answers the questions of subscribers


prepares publications, making collages and processes images

Photo / Videographer

Create their own visual content, which is published in the communities. Accompanies the test machine at events

Event Manager

Oversees all offline activities and related counterparties.

As a result,

10000 +
Subscribers to Facebook
1000 +
Subscribers in VK
10000 +
Estimated coverage of the entire campaign