Social Media Marketing (SMM)

January 2015 - for the current day




To create a full-fledged brand Sony channel of communication with the target audience in social media, raise awareness and involvement.


channels of communication

Since the SONY product range covers different target audiences, a decision was made about the necessity of presence in various social media


Adults, the ages of 25 to 35 s ability to make decisions.


Adults, the ages of 25 to 35 s ability to make decisions.

In contact with

Adults, the ages of 25 to 35 s ability to make decisions.

What we did

We analyzed the competitors and conducted case studies

Developed creative and communication strategy and

Identified the main headings and themes Sony communities

Drew a guideline for the design of publications

Formed a clear timetable publication

Identified targeting for paid advertising

Sony Kazakhstan to community living and bring the necessary results in social networks, above them on a daily basis working full SMM-team, comparable to a small magazine team.

SMM-project team

SMM Editor

It manages the entire process of development publications. He knows all about the brand and more.


Responsible for SMM-strategy, monitors trends in Digital and introduces them to life pages.

Project menedzher

It leads to a complete communication between a client and a project SMM-team


On the instructions of the editor, write relevant content for publications.

media manager

Configures and manages advertisements targeted

community manager

Follow the comments, It answers the questions of subscribers


prepares publications, making collages and processes images


It makes information and move to attract more attention to the

Photographer / Videographer

Responsible for the production of local photos and video content

As a result,

10000 +
Subscribers to Facebook
1000 +
Subscribers Instagram
10000 +
Subscribers to Facebook
0 %
The average coefficient. involvement